Text 9 Oct

6/10 wine, 3/10 sleep. Conferences again tonight. 11:06

Text 8 Oct

5/9, wine. 3/9, sleep. Late night. Worked on Henry’s Halloween costume (loki). Going to be great! 11:25.

Text 7 Oct

4/8 wine and 3/8 sleep. I feel like these # aren’t right… feel good about everything!

Text 5 Oct

4/6 wine and 4/6 sleep… not to far off

Text 5 Oct

3/7 wine and 3/7 sleep? May have to check

Text 2 Oct

3/5 on wine and 2/5 on sleep. Good night

Text 2 Oct

Haven’t done shit in a long time! Any way we are 2/4 on the sleep and 3/4 on the booze! Keep the count coming! I feel really good these days!

Text 12 Sep

Henry is sick, won’t stop coughing. 10:12. Going to be a long night

Text 11 Sep 9/11/14

10:25. In bed… That’s wierd. Should do this more often!

Text 4 Sep

Work is still slow but doing me in all the same. 10:45

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