Text 12 Sep

Henry is sick, won’t stop coughing. 10:12. Going to be a long night

Text 11 Sep 9/11/14

10:25. In bed… That’s wierd. Should do this more often!

Text 4 Sep

Work is still slow but doing me in all the same. 10:45

Text 3 Sep 1 note

Sept 3rd, tired, work/back to school is kicking my ass. 11pm. Goodnight

Text 31 Aug

When to Kohler state park today to do the sand dunes and play. Great day. 11:26

Text 30 Aug

11:34 on Fri 8/29.

Text 29 Aug

11:01. First day back at brewcity. Feels awful, but I did on my terms… not giving a fuck

Text 27 Aug

Back at work, feels good. This summer was weird. Not hot, no swimming… In bed. 10:53

Text 25 Aug

Been in bed awhile, but now 10:55. Going to be tired on my 1st day of work :(

Text 24 Aug

11:19 going to bed. Nice to be home

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